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Co-construction for equitable informal STEM learning in Portuguese-speaking contexts

The YE(P)STEM project, from Cartas com Ciência, aims to widen access to equitable practice tools in informal STEM learning for Portuguese-speaking communities, building on the YESTEM project and tailoring it to the specific needs of those communities and contexts via co-construction.


The "YE(P)STEM" project is in its pilot phase and is still seeking funding to be implemented in more Portuguese-speaking communities.


What does the pilot phase of the YE(P)STEM project consist of?
Phase I of the YE(P)STEM project includes the production of a brochure with all the YESTEM tools and resources translated into Portuguese and the implementation of four co-construction workshops with teachers in Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe in 2024 (and their impact evaluation).

More updates soon!

YE(P)STEM Phase I - Supported by

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Phase I of YE(P)STEM project is supported by partners YESTEM, Biochemical Society (UK) - with a science outreach grant of 5.000 GBP -, National Library of São Tomé e Príncipe, CIDTFF – Research Centre on Didactics and Technology in the Education of Trainers from University of Aveiro (Portugal), and Ciência Viva (Portugal) - with a project support subsidy of 1.500 EUR.


Since 2022, Cartas com Ciência has team up with YESTEM e ao CIDTFF to widen the access of YESTEM tools to Portuguese-speaking communities.

Several documents have already been translated by the pro bono translation team of Cartas com Ciência. All documents revised by a specialist team composed of researchers and education professionals from several Portuguese-speaking countries.

The first translated materials were launched in 2022 at a Webinar which Cartas com Ciência organized, under the theme of  "Equitable Practices in Science Education and Outreach ​".


In Portuguese

Sinergias ED nr 16 Journal, Educational Resource (2024) | Ferramentas “YESTEM”: Práticas equitativas na aprendizagem STEM em contexto não formal


What is YESTEM?

The YESTEM (Youth Equity and STEM) project, running from 2017 to 2022, was an “international research-practice partnership focused on understanding and supporting equitable practice in informal STEM learning”. This project produced a set of tools and resources for informal STEM learning, that are freely available (, based on “extensive mixed-method research with young people aged 11-14 and informal STEM learning practitioners” and co-developed by “a team of academic researchers and informal STEM learning organisations in the UK and the US”.

*What does STEM mean?

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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