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"Um Dia Mundial com Ciência"

Programmes of one letter exchange between scientists and a group of students

Literally translated to "A World Day with Science", these Cartas com Ciência's letter exchange programmes aim 1) to create bridges between students and the wrold of science, promoting Portuguese as a language of knowledge, technology, innovation and science and 2) celebrate World science-related Days to raise students' awareness of current scientific issues. These programmes are implemented with children and younh people from the Camões Institute's Teaching Portuguese Abroad Network (EPE), and children and young people in Portuguese-speaking countries (PLOP).

Between 2021 and 2023:

26 programmes

21 EPE network, 5 PLOP

441 students

102 scientists

EPE network:

South Africa, Andorra,

Spain, France, Luxemburg,

Namibia, Switzerland


Brazil, Cabo Verde,

Mozambique, East Timor

3 partner institutions


Letter Opening Party (Cabo Verde, 2023)

EPE network programmes in collaboration with Native Scientists and supported by Instituto Camões. 

Native Logo Plural Red.webp

World Sleep Day programme 2023 supported by pelo Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology from University of Coimbra.



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