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(Action) Research

Evaluate to learn and generate new knowledge 

To evaluate our programs, we do research and have collaborations with research institutes. In addition to evaluating the impact of Cartas com Ciência in its various dimensions, we intend, above all, to generate new knowledge and share practices in science education and communication in a context of multi-national cooperation in Portuguese. 


Funded projects


PhD Scholarship funded by FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal)

Science education within the scope of international cooperation for development: an evaluative case study of a socio-constructivist approach


 Projeto UIDB/00194/2020
Bolsa 2022.09971.BDANA

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Project funded by National Funds through FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. under the CIDTFF, project UIDB/00194/2020, and the Post-Doctoral Research Grant with the reference BIPD/UI57/10732/2023.

Sense of belonging in young participants of Cartas com Ciência - evaluation of the contributions of science and those who do it 


 Projeto UIDB/00194/2020
Bolsa BIPD/UI57/10732/2023

Research partnerships

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