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Want to make science global? Join us!

Do you work in science?

Participate to respond to letters  and inspire new generations.

Apply for the 2020/2021 school year or register for future programs.

Registrations 2020/2021

for corresponding scientists

And teacher)?

Participate and organize one of our programs with your class

Want to sponsor our project ?

With €20 it is possible to support the participation of a child during a school year. Use the Paypal button or the Sponsor us button.

just want to keep up  of our work?

Leave us your contact

and we will send you news three to four times a year.

Want to increase impact  your company's social

Become our patron and contribute to a future with more opportunities for all children.

Represents a university

or another scientific institution?

Become our partner and promote our project through your network of contacts, scientists and alumni at CPLP.

Are you a scientist?

Sign up to exchange letters and inspire new generations. 

Are you a teacher?

Contact us to find out how to organize one of our programs with your class

Do you have contacts of researchers and/or teachers in Portuguese-speaking countries?

Contact us to become a partner.

Do you want to increase the social impact of your company?

With €20 you can fund the participation of one child in the project for a whole year.

Do you want to be part of our team?

Send us an email.

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