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Cartas com Ciência (literally translated to Letters with Science) is a spin-off of spin-off da Native Scientist,  inspired by the american project Letters to a Pre-Scientist.


The "Ask a scientist" programme arose from the desire to extend the Cartas com Ciência format to different contexts (such as science festivals, research institutes, among others), reaching more children and researchers. In a format of one exchange of questions and answers, we aim to:

  • promote children's access to the world of research;

  • stimulate children's curiosity and make them think about questions they don't know the answer to;

  • make scientists aware of the responsibility of sharing their work and path with youngest, acting as role models;

  • make scientific outreach directed at the general public, sharing the most relevant questions and answers on our social media.


 Get to know the first edition:

The first "Ask a scientist" took place in early 2020 between All Souls High School students in Ibadan, Nigeria and scientists from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).  Each student wrote one or more questions on a postcard addressed to an EMBL scientist; the students were very curious about what it is like to be a scientist and what it is like to work in a laboratory. The result was a series of many interesting and fun questions! At the EMBL, 77 scientists took up the challenge of answering the postcards from these students, and letting them know a little about their life in science.

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